Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 6: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset 

Image taken from Growth Mindset Meme blog 

I really enjoyed this meme for many reasons. As school is in full swing and exams, homework and studying all start piling up it is very hard to balance it all with everything else that I have going on every week. Every semester it is a new challenge with time balance and it still takes me some time to figure out exactly how I want to tackle each semester. This meme is perfect because each week I have focused on something that I want to improve on so that I can have overall improvement. 


  1. Hello Lima,
    This is such a great meme and it is perfect for the growth mindset. We have to challenge ourselves, but it can be extremely difficult to just take giant leaps and little steps make everything so much more manageable. I feel like this is how I typically handle any challenge that I have and I always just look at it like i'm chipping away marble while carving a statue. Little pieces is best in order to make the masterpiece you have in mind! Just keep taking those steps and you will be able to succeed in anything.

  2. Hey Limayre! I have been doing growth mindset posts as well, although I haven't the past couple of weeks; I really enjoyed your meme, it was funny but the message still really stuck with me! As I find myself getting bogged down in homework, studying, and exams it is really hard to keep myself going! Thanks for sharing this meme!

  3. Hello Limayre, I really like your growth Mindset for this week. It really allows me to think that even though the semester is about to end I need to find a way to finish strong. I can start this by taking small step in reaching my goal for the semester. Good luck on reaching your goals this semester Limayre!!